Heart Smart Safflower Oil 750ml

The only oil with a 4.5 star health rating

Plenty ”Heart Smart” Safflower Oil is cold pressed from the seeds of the Carthamus tinctorius botanical. Developed to become the healthiest everyday cooking oil in your pantry. Our Super High Oleic Safflower oil has the highest Omega 9 (good fats) with the lowest saturated fats (bad fats) compared to other oils on the market. With its mild flavours & super high smoke point, Plenty “Heart Smart” Safflower oil is great for:

  • Pan & deep frying
  • Baking
  • BBQing
  • Roasting




Developed with the CSIRO using Australian safflower, Plenty Heart Smart Safflower oil has the highest Oleic acid (omega 9) percentage at 91% compared to typical olive oil which is around 70%. Oleic acid has been linked with benefiting heart health by lowering cholesterol and reducing inflammation. Being high in Oleic acid also drastically increases the smoke point of the oil, keeping it safe even when used at high temperatures when frying or roasting.

Being the only 4.5 star health rating on the market makes our Heart Smart Safflower oil a super healthy alternative to your usual everyday home fry oils!

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