About Plenty Foods

Plenty has been perfecting the art of cold pressed oil manufacturing since 1986. Our specialty oils are sought after for their nutritious flavours and outstanding quality; something we value and have taken time and care to develop. The first major Australian cold pressed oil business commenced on our site under former owner Graham Helmhold in 1986. The site was previously established as a butter factory in 1904 and as such is steeped in the great South Burnett tradition and history of making beautiful, wholesome foods from local produce.

Old Butter Factory REVISED

The location of the Plenty Foods factory is central to the growing districts of all the nuts and foods that it processes into healthy, natural, cold pressed oils. In 1987 the site was the first in Australia to extract oil from Macadamia nuts and in 1988 Avocado oil extraction became another Australian first. Shortly afterwards Proteco Oils purchased the butter factory from Suncoast milk and the current owner Josh Gadischke purchased Proteco Oils from Graham Helmhold in 2010.

Josh has also taken the venture from strength to strength completing periodic major works to always ensure that Proteco Oils had the best of equipment and processes to produce the best possible quality products.

In 2020 Josh rebranded as “Plenty Foods”; a name reflective of the abundance of the land, the beauty of the surrounding landscapes and the bounty of wholesome foods that are grown there and processed at the Plenty Foods processing plant.













In 2021 Plenty Foods was awarded a $9m Australian Government co-contribution from the MMI grant to build Australia’s first defatted nut flour production facility; a $22m project which will be a “Zero Waste” project supporting environmental sustainability and national food security. You can read more about this project here. The Plenty Foods family of employees are dedicated to producing quality, wholesome, natural products, abiding by these values…

Our Values








Our people

The wonderful people who choose to work with us at Plenty Foods are highly skilled and valued members of our community. They contribute to our reputation for locally grown wholesome quality with a constant eye for improvement and innovation, every day.

People at work Collage

Our operations

Here at Plenty Foods we are
committed to continuous
development and innovation.

Being a food manufacturing facility, there are various certifications & accreditations to ensure a perfect product, every time. We have the best of them…


If you would like to find out more, or need other certifications, please don’t hesitate to call on (07) 4162 5660 and ask for our QA department or, alternatively, you can email on info@plentyfoods.com.au