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We have unmatched technical capabilities and utilise state-of-the-art cold press technology (screw press and centrifuge processes), filtration, storage, winterising, inventory management, packaging, drumming, bottling, laboratory testing and freight services.

We’re based in South East Queensland, close to many of the nut, fruit and seed crops. We provide consistency in quality and continuity of supply, as well as reducing lead times within your supply chain, eliminating the costs and complexity of overseas freight, customs and quarantine.

Contract oil extraction and bulk oil supply

Plenty Foods has built an oil processing facility incorporating screw press and centrifuge technology. This caters for most oil seeds, nuts and fruit oils produced in Australia. Our facility accreditations include; BRC ‘A’ rating, Certified organic, Kosher, HACCP and GMP. Confidence in finished product quality.

The modern processing plant is located at Kingaroy, North West of Brisbane. Located on major transport routes from Victoria and NSW. The objective of this plant is to provide growers with access to advanced oil processing equipment and technology in an accredited food handling facility.

Raw material storage for incoming stock is stored either refrigerated, climate controlled in warehouses, or vermin proof silos. Oil processing is performed through one of our new modern facility which is fully BRC accredited. Contract oil extraction and toll processing.

Filtering and winterizing of cold-pressed oils is critical for a quality finished product. Bulk oil is stored in secure, sterile, stainless steel tanks or single-use barrier liners in IBC’s. Bottling & Drumming of vegetable oils. A recently commissioned purpose-built edible oil bottling unit with nitrogen flushing capabilities has a unique gentle fill action that protects oil without agitation and capacities of 30,000units per day.

Certified BRC ‘A’ rating accreditation.

Designed specifically for SPECIALTY OILS INCLUDING, almond, macadamia, WALNUT, peanut and FLAXSEED oils.

Australia’s largest supplier of stockfeed macadamia and almond meal.

Stockfeed protein meals are available in varying quantities, seasonally throughout year.

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