Plenty works with professional chefs, talented home cooks and culinary and nutrition experts and influencers to bring you inspiring and achievable recipes that show off our beautiful oils to their best advantage! All of the recipes below have been specially created for our oils.
Truffle Oil Ice Cream

Truffle Oil & Pistachio No Churn Ice Cream

Truffle Oil & Pistachio No Churn Ice Cream

Thyme & Truffle Oil White Chocolate Mousse

Bowl of mayonnaise made with macadamia and walnut oil

Mayonnaise made with Macadamia and Walnut Oil

Classic chicken schnitzel on a plate with salad

Classic Chicken Schnitzel

Classic Italian Puttanesca

Classic Italian Puttanesca

Quick garlic and chilli oil in a bowl

Quick Garlic & Chilli Oil Recipe

Plenty Flaxseed oil drizzled over lamb Kofta

Lamb Kofta with Green Sauce, Avocado Oil & Flaxseed Oil

Crushed roasted hazelnuts and parmesan sprinkled over Beef cannelloni

Beef Cannelloni with Garlic Cream & Truffle Oil

Plenty Avocado Oil drizzled over fresh noodle salad

Avocado and Sumac Salad with Noodles & Avocado Oil