Flaxseed Oil 375ml

High quality, cold pressed

A highly polyunsaturated natural oil, and a rich source of the valuable Omega 3 essential fatty acid (EFA). The nutty taste makes it great to drizzle over salads or add to cereals and cottage cheese. Do not heat this oil or you will lose the Omega 3 benefits and develop a bitter flavour.

**Please not that due to the climate in which some our flaxseeds are grown, the oil may develop a naturally, slightly bitter taste. This does not mean it is unsuitable for use.***




Flaxseed oil that tastes like flax oil should. Store refrigerated for a longer lasting, fresh taste. For long storage, it’s suitable to keep in freezer. It won’t set hard, just stays a little thick until defrosted.

Please contact us for specifications and bulk pricing. We can export internationally and supply within Australia in 20 litre, 206 Litre, 1000 litre quantities as well as larger bulk.

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