Plenty “Heart Smart” Safflower Oil 750ml


For those seeking a minimally processed, locally-grown and made alternative to Canola and Rice Bran oil, ”Heart Smart” Super High Oleic Safflower Oil is pressed from the seeds of the Carthamus tinctorius botanical. Plenty Safflower Oil has a very high proportion of oleic acid, a heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acid, and is very low in saturated fats. With its mild, neutral flavour, use this oil and let your food flavours rule! It’s great for:

  • Pan-frying
  • Deep frying (and reuse of oil)
  • Baking
  • BBQing
  • Roasting

Brilliant for high heat cooking (266C smoke point), Plenty “Heart Smart” Safflower Oil is available here, in-store and online at Woolworths, and online at Amazon. To find out more about this amazing everyday cooking oil, read more here. See a full list of where to buy Plenty Oils here. If you are a chef or restaurant looking to offer a high quality oil for high heat cooking, you can buy 20 litre drums here.






Plenty Safflower Oil is a home-grown cooking innovation. It is made in Queensland by solely by Plenty Foods and uses 100 percent, Australian grown safflowers. This groundbreaking oil is the first food product to be made from super high oleic safflower seeds, developed by CSIRO and Grains Research and Development Corporation, specifically for Australian farmers. From the CSIRO website: “Our researchers have produced safflower seed oil that contains over 92 per cent oleic acid – called Super-High Oleic (SHO) safflower. SHO safflower has the highest level of purity of an individual fatty acid present in any currently available plant oils.”

CSIRO plant scientists spent eight years developing the super high oleic safflowers to create a highly stable oil and an environmentally sustainable crop for Australian farmers. GO Resources Pty Ltd, owner of the exclusive licence to commercialise this super high oleic safflower, spent an additional seven years to establish commercial crops in Australia. To create the super high oleic safflowers, the CSIRO scientists used gene-silencing technology to switch off the enzymes in safflower seeds that turns oleic acid into the polyunsaturated fatty acids. As a result, oil made from the super high oleic safflowers contains 92% oleic acid, compared to 75% for regular safflower oil, and significantly less saturated fat.

Its unique qualities keep Plenty Safflower Oil stable at high temperatures and make it a versatile all-round choice for frying, roasting, barbecuing, baking and everyday cooking, when compared with generic “vegetable oil”. This oil also has a mild, neutral flavour, making it an excellent vehicle for flavours, without dominating them. To make Safflower Oil, Plenty extracts the oil from the seeds and removes impurities naturally, using pressure and heat. It takes a little more time, but our process doesn’t use chemicals or the very high temperatures associated with other refined oils. The oil is warmed, then pressure and natural clay help to refine the oil, improving the quality and shelf-life.

Once you start using this amazing oil, you will find more and more uses for it. You can even mix it with other oils to reduce smoking or reduce cloudiness of dressings in the fridge. Make a delicious infused chili oil! It has a wonderful neutral flavour and a silken, not “greasy” mouth feel. One of our commercial customers swears by it as a Ramen finishing oil. During COVID he was unable to source his usual special oil and after a lot of research found that only our oil imparted the same qualities for his dish.

Find out more about this amazing oil here.

For specifications and bulk pricing, contact us. We can export internationally and supply in Australia in 20 Litre, 206 Litre, and 1000 Litre quantities.

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