Bulk Walnut Oil 20L


Plenty Cold Pressed Walnut Oil adds a subtle and very special flavour to both savoury and sweet dishes. Often used as a dressing or finishing oil, the soft nutty flavours and rich Omega 3 content make any dish a healthy delicacy. Try it in our Coconut Baked Cauliflower Gremolata!

Walnut oil is sometimes used for light pan frying but should not be heated over 160 degrees Celsius. Because of this it is best used as a dressing or finishing oil or in salad dressings, where its flavour more readily shines through. Other uses are:

  • Dip with a top quality fresh bread
  • Lemon/Walnut oil vinaigrette (Just add a little salt and pepper)
  • Try it in a Walnut and Caramel tart!
  • Take your Potato Salad to the next level with Walnut oil, tarragon, honey and Dijon!

Walnut oil makes for a great slow-roasting oil and infuses beautiful nutty flavours into the meat. Try our Coffee and Walnut Rub Lamb!

Plenty Cold Pressed Walnut Oil is available here, in-store and online at Oborne Health Supplies, Honest to Goodness, Amazon and selected health food stores. See a full list of where to buy Plenty Oils here.

We offer international export services for our products and can supply them throughout Australia in various volumes, our available sizes include 20 Litre, 206 Litre, and 1,000 Litre. For specifications and bulk pricing, contact us.




Of the nut oils available, walnut oil contains one of the highest levels of omega-3 essential fatty acids. The omega-3 in walnut oils may help stimulate skin growth, fight inflammatory skin disorders, and promote wound healing.

Walnut oil is believed to have an abundance of monounsaturated fats and more directly believed to help develop and maintain cells. The Omega-3 and omega-6 levels in walnut oil have also been thought to help with brain function and cell growth while aiding to improve poor blood sugar control.

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