The highest food safety standards – proven!

Image of Plenty employees including our BRCGS Professional qualified Quality Manager Anuj Ohlan.

Two years proudly BRCGS AA rated, and counting!

Very proudly, this is the second year running Plenty has received the prestigious BRC AA rating, under the BRC Global Standards Version 9, and the stewardship of our Quality Manager Anuj Ohlan, himself a recently qualified “BRCGS Professional”.

A globally coveted GFSI certification, BRCGS is considered to be the benchmark. The BRC Global Standards is a world-leading food safety and quality certification program, used by over 23,000 certificated suppliers in 123 countries.

This is a significant achievement for Plenty Foods, and it demonstrates our commitment to food safety and quality.

The strides made by the Plenty staff community to make this possible since our 2023 BRC AA rating have been remarkable. Across the staff body, concern for Quality is now built into everyday habits.

When this is achieved, scrambling to maintain accreditation leading up to an audit can be considered a thing of the past. Our people understand what it takes to operate a lower-cost, more efficient, safer, cleaner business that turns out wonderful products, every day.

Audit rehearsals and preparations are a standard mode of operation because we need those efficiencies in our operations every day. We don’t want to waste time fixing mistakes that continually occur because of poor process, and it is very disruptive to derail an entire business to “construct” a Quality environment purely for an audit. Plenty just wouldn’t be around if we couldn’t stand behind the best quality products.

Management commitment, peer involvement, employee empowerment and ownership of the Quality process aren’t nice-to-haves. It is the only way for us to ensure that at audit time, we experience as little disruption, with the best result, as possible.

The BRCGS grading system covers 5 levels of achievement above a pass level:

  • AA Grade: no more than 5 minor non-conformances.
  • A Grade: 5 to 10 minors.
  • B Grade: 11 to 16 minors, or 1 major and up to 10 minors.
  • C Grade: 17 to 24 minors, or 1 major and up to 16 minors, or 2 majors and up to 10 minors.
  • D Grade: 25 to 30 minors, or 1 major and up to 24 minors, or 2 majors and up to 16 minors.

The purpose of BRCGS is to follow proven practices, ensure quality, and build confidence in the supply chain. BRCGS helps not only ensure product safety and quality but also enhance protection should the business face any charges by the enforcement authorities.

While we have always maintained high certification levels in previous years, this now the second time we have attained the highest possible (AA) rating.

This reinforces our ability to consistently deliver products of the highest standards to our commercial partners and customers and assures them of our commitment to food safety, validating Plenty’s abiding concern to maintain its reputation as a trusted and reliable partner in the industry.

As we celebrate this significant milestone, we will continue to invest in our processes, technology, and workforce to ensure that we can stay ahead on quality, drive innovation, improve processes, and set new benchmarks in the food industry.


For more information about our Quality systems, and high Quality commitment, contact Plenty on the Contact page on this website.