About Us

Some folks say it takes 30 years to
craft such a world-class product.
And they might just be right.

Here at Plenty, time is one of our most important ingredients. After all, it takes Plenty of time to grow and source the best natural ingredients. And it takes Plenty of time to refine the process that has seen us become one of the most advanced specialty processors in the world.

An abundance of natural aromas and flavours are locked in through our state-of-the-art press and filtration technology, with the full richness of the nutritional characteristics also being faithfully preserved—which means Plenty of great taste and Plenty of natural, wholesome goodness for you.

Plenty is the perfect blend of time-honoured tradition and state-of-the-art technology. Add in a dash of Kingaroy country charm, and an unrivalled pride in our craft, and it’s easy to see why Plenty is the perfect accompaniment to a thousand and one healthy family recipes.

Take some time to share our great range of natural products with your friends and family today.

There’s always Plenty of great taste and goodness to go around.

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Here at Plenty Foods we are
committed to continuous
development and innovation.

Being a food manufacturing facility, there are various certifications & accreditations to ensure a perfect product, every time. We have the best of them…


If you would like to find out more, or need other certifications, please don’t hesitate to call on (07) 4162 5660 and ask for our QA department or, alternatively, you can email on info@plentyfoods.com.au