Plenty Safflower Oil Awarded “Best Oil” 2023!

We always felt our amazing (Super High Oleic) Safflower Oil should win an award, and it did! A very pleasant surprise…unsolicited (not entered by us), the all-dietitian judging panel from the esteemed Australian Healthy Food Guide magazine awarded our product “Best Oil 2023”!

There are a lot of great oils in the cooking oils category, so to be judged the best is no small feat! 

Healthy Food Guide Magazine is a well-known publication focused on healthy eating. It is highly respected by dieticians, who edit and contribute to its content. Annually HFG awards healthy food winners in various categories. To determine the Awards, their team of dietitians choose products that meet their nutrition criteria for the various categories, then winners are narrowed down based on a mix of

  • taste,
  • nutrition,
  • accessibility and
  • price point.

And if we may say, it’s a great oil! With its neutral flavour, you can use it wherever a recipe specifies “vegetable oil”, particularly for high-heat cooking. This oil has more monounsaturated fats and a higher smoke point than any common cooking oil. Of course food service businesses can buy in bulk via our online shop or for larger than 20litres, speak to us.

For more information and a PDF brochure download about this amazing product and how it was developed and made, click here.

Available at Woolworths Supermarkets,