Macadamia oil Refined 20L

Naturally refined bulk macadamia oil, scent free, tasteless and light amber colour.

Refined, bleached & deodourized (RBD) Macadamia oil boasts a light, velvet-like skin feel and high oxidative stability make it especially suitable for many cosmetic creams, balms, soap making and sun-care formulations.

  • High lubricity
  • Non oily, dry skin feel






Macadamia oil is an excellent botanical replacement for mink oil in most applications. Palmitoleic acid C16:1 levels are very high in macadamia oil; this is a close match to the skins sebum making the oil easily absorbed.

Please contact us for specifications and bulk pricing. We can export internationally and supply within Australia in 190 kg, 1000 litre quantities as well as larger bulk.


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