Flaxseed Oil 20L

High quality, cold pressed.

Plenty Flaxseed oil tastes how flaxseed oil should taste. Nuttiness makes this a great combination with any salad—just drizzle it over the top or stir into cereals and cottage cheese.

Flaxseed oil has several characteristics that make it particularly suitable as an edible oil:

  • Highly polyunsaturated natural oil – linked to boost heart health
  • Great source of omega 3 – helps blood pressure & heart rate
  • Alternative to fish oil

Flaxseed oil has plenty of uses:

  • Mix in with smoothies or shakes
  • As a fresh aromatic salad dressing
  • Add to dips
  • create your own sauces




The omega-3 fatty acids in flaxseed oil have several health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure and improving regularity.

Moreover, flaxseed oil can be used in a variety of ways, including replacing other types of oils, adding to foods, and applying to your skin and hair.

Simply including one or two servings of Plenty flaxseed oil in your daily routine can have several beneficial effects for your health.

For longer shelf life and fresh taste, store it in the refrigerator.

For specifications and bulk pricing, contact us. We can export internationally and supply in Australia in 20 Litre, 206 Litre, and 1000 Litre quantities.

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